The Society for American Travel Writing was formed, in 1994, as an affiliate society of the American Literature Association by Beth Lueck (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater) and Jeffrey Melton (University of Alabama) . In 2001 Drs. Lueck and Melton reduced their involvement in the SATW to direct their energies into other areas, including other member societies of the ALA, and the society was then led by Valerie Smith and Russ Pottle through 2007. During that time the SATW established a relationship with the International Society for Travel Writing and often has run affiliated panels during the ISTW’s biennial conferences. When Drs. Smith and Pottle concluded their terms as society officers in 2007, Jon Volkmer (Ursinus College) and Andrew Vogel (Kutztown State University of Pennsylvania) took lead of the organization. Dr. Vogel handed the reins to Melanie Scriptunas (Independent Scholar) in 2013, and Susan Roberson (Texas A&M University-Kingsville) stepped into her role as president of the SATW in 2015.

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